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"We have no proof, but if we extrapolate, based on the best information we have available to us, we have to come to the conclusion that. . . other life probably exists out there and perhaps in many places." --  Neil Armstrong, October 21, 1999

AP Bonding  is Part I of a series of books about our world, but a world in which an alien force has invaded earth and changed the course of human history. The Warflings and Felidae arrived in deep space vessels as a dying race, their humanoid partners sickening of a slowly acting virus with no cure and no hope of survival.  The pairing between Warflings and Felidae and their human-like partners was vital to the survival of the aliens: without the mind-to-mind merging and connection that partnering provided, their sanity slowly slipped away, and they became what they feared most: brute animals with no mind and no thought for tomorrow. As the adult Warflings and Felidae gradually lost their humanoid partners to the virus, they discovered that humans with certain mental gifts were bonding with their young.  Placing human children with potential for bonding became a ritual called "The Gakkō," and has become critical to ensure the survival of their race. Life in the Gakkō is a teenager’s best chance for the magic of pairing. Though the magic of Alien-People (AP) Bonding, teenagers either gain entry to the ruling class of Felidae and Warfling, or are discarded back into obscurity with ‘only human’ status, one of the hundreds of millions of unchosen human workers who serve at the whim and the will of the aliens. 


     AP Bonding: Maya's Perspective

Sometimes a human had to disobey rules in an emergency. A best friend in trouble calling for help was an emergency. How was she supposed to know that the plea was from a kidnapper? How could she be tied up and gagged, watching the engine backwash through a mold-encrusted grate in some dingy warehouse while her parents took off on a wonderful adventure to the moon? Yes, she knew that the aliens wouldn’t hold up the scheduled launch just for her. She knew that her mother and father and his cat-like Felidae alien had to be on board since they had invented the new Stardrive. But if she wasn't grounded for that silly midnight prank, she would have told her parents where she was going today. They could have rescued her. She wouldn’t be here breathing engine fumes, all alone and scared out of her wits. She didn’t understand why she was grounded in the first place. Last night’s adventure was barely a blip on the radar in terms of her breaking the rules. Of course, it could have ended badly with her mind wiped clean by the aliens, she agreed with her mother about that, but she did make it home. Perhaps not in the best shape, with her body wrapped in a tanglefield with spaceport guards ready to electrocute her if she moved, but she almost made it inside the house—at least she got to the front lawn. If she got out of this pickle, she promised to follow the rules, even the ones she thought were unfair.  

Little does Maya know that her actions today have set off a chain of events that will launch her into wilder adventures on Earth than in the farthest reaches of outer space.






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